Home Liver Test: Check your liver's health at home

LiverCheck is a is a unique DIY liver test kit that allows you to check the your liver's health at home without having to visit your doctor, clinic or hospital.

The home liver test kit, developed by the award winning Yorktest Laboratories, uses a pinprick amount of blood (which you take yourself at home) to check for signs of liver damage or disease which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Alcohol-related liver damage kills an estimated 4,000 people in the UK each year and doctors have hailed the home liver test kit as a "potential life-saver in the battle against liver disease".

How does Livercheck work?

The test measures the levels of two enzymes in the blood which are produced by damaged liver cells. High levels of these enzymes in the blood are an important indicator of liver damage.

When you place an order, a test kit is sent to you in the post (designed to fit through your letter box) which contains everything you need to take a small blood sample. Once the sample is collected, it should be returned to us the same day to be analysed at our laboratories, in the prepaid envelope provided. Your results pack is posted to you within 10 days.

Who should use it?

Anyone worried that their liver may be damaged due to alcohol abuse, hepatitis, obesity, diabetes or drugs and wish to prevent diseases which can develop as a result of these factors.

30 day money back guarantee

YorkTest Laboratories offers a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can return your test within 30 days of purchase unused for a full refund.


Having the test done privately costs in excess of £400. A similar test on the NHS involves a hospital visit and takes many weeks before you to recieve results.

Where do I get the home liver test kit?

This unique test has been reduced to £99 for a limited period (usually £150) and is only available from Yorktest Laboratories. For more information or order a free brochure visit: Yorktest

If your worried that your lifestyle may be damaging your liver, put your mind at rest and take a Livercheck test.

Are you at risk?

Factors contributing to liver damage:

  • You consume alcohol - even moderate amounts of alcohol can put you at risk.
  • You suffer from obesity, diabetes, or high triglycerides.
  • You have had a piercing or tattoo from an unsterile needle.
  • You are regularly exposed to paint fumes, aerosol cleaners and tobacco smoke.
  • You use certain herbal remedies or very high doses of vitamins.
  • You have had injected drugs from a shared needle.

If you answer yes to any of the above statements you should ask your doctor for a liver function test or order a Home Liver Test.

Its dangerous to wait.

Your results pack Includes:


  • A LiverCheck score based on damage to your liver's cells.
  • A Results guide book giving a detailed explanation of you results and general advise.
  • A Lifestyle planner.
  • Lifestyle audit so you can identify factors affecting your liver's health.